Preserving Beirut Museum’s Priceless Collection

As the world gradually recovers from the shuddering news of Brazil’s 200-year old National Museum in Rio, which was consumed by fire, the silver lining seems to rest in the National Museum of Beirut, Lebanon, for world’s preservation of arts andartefacts. Yinka Olatunbosun reports

The global media had saturated our screens with images of some members of the academic community in Rio weeping; some protesting after Brazil’s once enviable archive of 20 million pieces of artefacts representing Egypt, Greco-Roman periods and more were reduced to ruins in an inferno that razed down the 200-year-old National Museum.

But on the Eastern Mediterranean, the National Museum of Beirut holds a collection of magnificent historical pieces that represent the art forms across different world civilisations. Given the Brazil example, it was only natural to check the ceilings for smoke detectors on entry, which was a sort of visual assurance that the pieces on display are secured.

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