The Lagos tanker explosion

The tragic petrol tanker explosion, which left 12 people dead and 54 vehicles burnt at the Otedola Bridge, along Lagos-Ibadan expressway, on June 28, has underscored the urgent need to overhaul the traffic management system in the emerging mega city. The tragic incident should make the authorities of the State Ministry of Transportation to wake up and evolve measures to avert such accident in future.

The present chaotic movement of petrol-bearing trucks on Lagos roads is bound to cause accidents. Reports revealed that the incident was caused by brake failure. Sadly, such incidents have become common in the state. Following the sad incident, the Lagos State government commenced investigation of the accident with a view to determining its causes and how to avoid it in future.

Preliminary findings, according to the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Ladi Lawanson, attributed the tragedy to human error. The investigation also revealed that the ill-fated truck was…

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